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Social Media at the World Juniors

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

It's the holiday season once again! For many, that means time spent with family, turkey dinners and gift giving. For many Canadians, this also means it is time for the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship!

Kicking off on Boxing Day, this tournament sees players aged 20 and under from across the hockey world compete in an international ten-team tournament. In 2019, the event takes place in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Canada most recently hosted the event in 2017, splitting venues between Montreal and Toronto.

Canada is seen as a powerhouse in this tournament, but only have won gold twice in the past nine years. The powerhouse title also has something to do with the incredible support that the team sees from their country and fans. This passion is highlighted through social media engagement.

We took a brief look at some of that engagement through social media below.


# WorldJuniors

With one day of competition underway, the conversation on social media has already began, as fans, brands, organizations, players and coaches weigh in on the annual tournament.

Here are some quick stats on discussions from the past 24 hours on Twitter (via, December 27, 2018):

- Canadians amount for 66% of chatter, USA 25%, Sweden 3.5%

- 66.7% Male, 33.3% Female discussing #WorldJuniors

- 76% of discussions are occurring on mobile devices

- Top Influencers based on Frequency: @tsn_sports, @iihfhockey, @bardown, @tsnhockey, @hc_wjc

- Top Influencers based on Engagement: @gongshowgear, @nyrangers, @usahockey, @flyersnation, @hc_wjc

Here are some quick stats on discussions from the past 24 hours on Instagram (via, December 27, 2018):

- 176 posts with 70,062 engagements within 24 hours


Hockey Canada on Social Media

On social media, Hockey Canada has a large following - a true testament to the passion for the country's national winter sport.

Hockey Canada has 626,000 likes on Facebook (1st among competing teams), 418,000 followers on Instagram (1st among competing teams) and 361,000 followers on Twitter (2nd among competing teams).

It's important to think about the factors at play in Hockey Canada's numbers, though. Canada had 637,000 registered hockey players in Canada in 2017-18 and that doesn't include all of the unregistered adult/recreational league players still playing the game. Hockey Canada also has a team of communications and social media staff devoted to the entire organization and the various teams that represent Canada on the national stage.

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation surpasses Canada by a landslide in terms of Twitter followers - an interesting stat seeing as Russia is home to other popular platforms like and

Facebook Likes

Canada - 620,000

Finland - 470,000

USA - 335,000

Sweden - 203,200

Slovakia - 108,000

Switzerland - 52,700

Russia - 29,600

Czech Republic - 9,700

Denmark - 1,400

Kazakhstan - 200

Instagram Followers

Canada - 418,000

USA - 228,000

Russia - 213,000

Finland - 151,000

Sweden - 109,000

Czech Republic - 90,000

Switzerland - 33,700

Slovakia - 13,700

Kazakhstan - 6,900

Denmark - 1,450

Twitter Followers

Russia - 721,000

Canada - 361,000

USA - 316,000

Finland - 114,000

Czech Republic - 78,200

Sweden - 46,300

Switzerland - 38,400

Denmark - 2,350

Slovakia - 380

Kazakhstan - N/A


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